We use the principles of cognitive psychology to make learning more effective.

Formative Assessment

Tests should not just be seen as a way to give a final grade. Instead assessments should be seen as an opportunity for learning, to find and fill knowledge gaps.

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There are many ways to learn and not all learning methods are equally effective. Metacognition is when a learner becomes aware of what is working for them to learn successfully.

Active Recall

a principle of efficient learning, in which the learner is forced to actively interact with the material they are studying in order to stay focussed.

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Gamifying the learning experience means that students are rewarded every time they get something right on Studyclix.

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Self-directed learning

Students who achieve higher grades learn the skills of planning, continuing and evaluating their learning themselves. They can successfully identify and fill gaps in their knowledge.

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Peer-to-Peer learning

Sometimes the learning process can be lonely. Getting advice and support from other students is a really effective way of learning more effectively.

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To learn effectively you must first learn how to learn.

Luke Saunders

B.A. (Science) first class, Trinity College, Dublin
Higher Diploma in Education, Trinity College, Dublin
Co- Founder of Studyclix

When I started teaching over 15 years ago it struck me how little the way students learn changed since I had been in school myself. I knew that we could improve the teaching and learning resources available and this was the driving force to start Studyclix.

...students who develop and practise the skills of effective learning will perform better in school.

Despite spending five years in high school, we often neglect to teach our students in the principles of how to be effective learners. Extensive research in cognitive psychology highlights that students who develop and practice effective learning skills tend to achieve better academic performance. In my classroom, my aim is to assist my students in becoming active, social, and self-directed learners, equipped with the necessary skills to identify and address any gaps in their knowledge. With these very principles of cognitive psychology in mind, we have designed Studyclix, ensuring that students who utilize our learning tools and resources experience improved performance in their exams*.