What is Studyclix?

All matric subjects are broken down into bite-sized topics, accompanied by exam questions, quizzes, and teacher-curated notes.

Put simply, Studyclix helps students do better in their exams.

How it works

Choose schools to sponsor

Assist schools identified as facing unique educational challenges and disadvantages.

Students get access

We work with our existing network of teachers and principals in the chosen schools to get their students set up with Studyclix access

Make a difference

By providing the best revision tool to disadvantaged schools in South Africa, you are making a significant impact on the future of students in our country. Access to quality educational resources is crucial for their academic success and personal development.

Be a local leader

Showcase your support

We work with partner organisations to cross-promote the School Sponsorship in local and national radio and print media.

Brand Recognition

Increase brand recognition in your local community. We will make every effort to remind teachers, parents, and students that sponsored access is provided by your company.

Employee engagement

Knowing that their employer is making a real impact in the local community can help build a more productive positive culture within your organisation.

Community goodwill

Supporting local high schools through sponsorship has a profound and tangible positive impact on your community. It serves as a cornerstone of your commitment to the community where your company exists, thrives, and grows.

Want to explore your options?

View our Sponsor a School brochure below or get in touch with our Sales Manager by email: schools@studyclix.co.za

Schools in South Africa using Studyclix