Question 9.5: Additional Answer Options

2021 - May/June - Paper 1 - Question 9



Slip ringscheck

light bulb Tips: 

  • Component X shows slip rings, which is confirmed by the fact that the information states that the diagram is an AC generator.
  • A split ring is a single ring and slip rings have two rings.

1 mark



Allows the slip rings to rotate while maintaining contact with the external circuit.check


Transfer/conduct current to the external circuit.check


The connection between the external circuit and coil/slip rings/internal circuit.check

light bulb Tip: component Y shows carbon brushes which are made from graphite. These brushes allow the slip rings to rotate while maintaining electrical contact with the external circuit, alternatively, they transfer current to the external circuit.

1 mark


According to the principle of electromagnetic induction an emf/current is induced as a result of the change in the magnetic flux linkage with the coil. checkcheck


When the coil rotates there is a change of magnetic flux linked/associated with the coil. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, an emf/current is induced in the coil. checkcheck


There is relative motion between the conductor and the magnetic field.checkcheck

2 marks

(1 x 2 marks)


P to Qcheckcheck

light bulb Tips: 

  • If the coil rotates clockwise, there is an upward force acting on segment PQ of the coil.
  • Using Flemings's right-hand generator rule, and remembering that the magnetic field points towards the south, you can determine that the induced current will flow from P to Q

2 marks

(1 x 2 marks)


Option 1





light bulb Tips: 

  • You need to use the frequency of 50 Hz to calculate the period of 0,02s.
  • Time t is the time taken for 1,5 periods.

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3 marks

(3 x 1 mark)


light bulb How to approach this question: 

  • To calculate the energy, you first need the rms potential difference.

Option 1

Part 1




Part 2


  • Although this equation does not state Vrms, the average energy dissipated can be determined by using this equation.



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5 marks

(5 x 1 mark)


Option 2






Option 3

50\text{ waves = }1\mathrm{s}

1,5\text{ waves}=0,03\mathrm{s}


Option 4



Option 5


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