About Studyclix

Studyclix is a website that makes it easier for students to study and teachers to teach. We are always working on creating new and innovative features for our users, and our goal is to make a high standard of education and learning accessible and affordable.

We split matric subjects into topics, and for each topic, we offer  official DBE past NSC exam questions, memos with teacher tips and revision material such as flashcards and subject guides. We also offer access to a community of learners just like you.

Student Pricing and Upgrades

We charge a small fee in order to maintain and continuously improve the site for you, as well as bring new technologies and resources to the site.

Because we employ some amazing people both in South Africa and around the world to carry out this work, the service, unfortunately, can't be provided for free, which is why we ask for a little payment in return for what we supply. 

Please consult our pricing page to get a full overview of your upgrade options. You can use our Basic (free) account for as long as you like, or, if you'd like, you can upgrade to Plus (R495).

Yes, we think so! R495 is lower than the rate charged by most tutors for a month, and our subscription lasts for a year. Using Studyclix is one of the best ways you can prepare yourself for your exams. Studying using past exam questions has been shown to be the most effective way to prepare. Studyclix saves you time by giving you everything you need to study a subject, one topic at a time. 97% of students who used Studyclix Plus stated that they felt it had helped them improve their grades.

No! A Plus account gives you full access to all the subjects we have available.

When logged in, you can enter your code or voucher by going to your dashboard or to the pricing page, and entering your code where it says, 'enter a code'.

Our secure server accepts all Visa, Mastercard, and major credit cards, as well as Laser cards.

We currently don't offer free trials to users as we believe that a Basic account serves as a free trial by giving a taste of what the fully upgraded account is like.

Your Upgrade

You can find out your upgrade's expiry date via your settings or on the pricing page. All upgrades will expire at the end of the school year (December 31).

If your upgrade has disappeared from your account before you were expecting it to, there are a couple of questions you can ask yourself to try and get to the bottom of it:

- Are you logged in to the correct account? Some users set up 2 accounts without realising. We recommend trying to log in with any other email address you might have and see if a second account is still upgraded.

- Are you viewing content that you purchased access to? Some features and subjects might not be available to you on your plan, so make sure that you have the correct access according to your plan and update your settings if necessary. 

Our plans expire at the end of each school year (end of December). You will then be returned to a Basic account unless you choose to upgrade again. 

Your Account

No. Studyclix does not support multiple users on one account and doing so is a breach of our terms of use and can result in the removal of your upgrade. We recommend every student set up their own personal account. 

Lots of our features are personal to the user, so sharing would not allow you to make effective use of our site.

Studyclix is set up in a way that requires students to select their subjects and complete in-house quizzes, which track their performance and indicate their weak areas. However, when siblings use the same account and have the same subjects, they are unable to adequately track their understanding of topics and quiz performance. This is because the results reflect a mixture of both their understandings, leaving both of them unaware of their true strengths and areas they need to focus on.

If there is more than one student in your family requiring Plus access, we understand that this can become expensive, so if you contact us (hello@studyclix.co.za), we can assess your situation and do our best to provide you with a discount code to get a reduced rate on your multiple upgrades.

Simple! Just click on the 'Forgot password?' link when trying to log in. This will send a code to your email inbox which you can enter to create a new password and successfully log in again.

If you no longer need or want your account, you can go to your settings (top right-hand corner), scroll down to Account Settings, and click 'I want to close my account'. If you're having trouble, contact us and we'll delete it for you.

For Teachers

It is indeed! Each school has a teacher upgrade code that gives free Plus access to teachers in that school, so you do not have to pay. If you don't know your school's code, contact us stating your name, school, and SACE number and we will issue you with the code.

We depend on teachers to spread the word about Studyclix to their students. In return for free access to all our features, we appreciate your help in telling people about us if you like what we do.

Please get in touch with schools@studyclix.co.za if you are a teacher and would like to learn more about how you can get discount codes for your students.

Of course! SNAs and guidance counsellors are more than welcome to set up a teacher account with us. Get in touch at hello@studyclix.co.za if you're having trouble registering your account.

For Schools

Yes! We offer school-wide licenses to give all teachers and students full access to Studyclix Plus accounts at a heavily discounted rate (from R50 per student). Please contact schools@studyclix.co.za for more details.

Yes. One of our main goals is to make Studyclix accessible to all students, so we provide even bigger discounts on school license's for all schools. Just get in touch with schools@studyclix.co.za to get a quote for your school.

Content on Studyclix

Let us know (hello@studyclix.co.za)! We add subjects to our site based on demand, so if we get enough students and teachers asking for a subject to be uploaded to our site, we will do so.

We sure do. We have teacher-curated memos and sample answers available, and are always adding new content. Check out the Community page to start browsing our content.

We also have a blog where you can find study advice, tips & tricks, and more.

We get our content from many high-quality sources. Our exam papers are from the DBE, and our guides, memos, etc. are created and/or contributed by expert teachers and high-achieving students who want to help you do better in your exams.

Check out our team here, or our partners here to learn more about who we work with.

Let us know! We are always trying to fill the gaps in our content, so please contact us (hello@studyclix.co.za) to let us know where you think we can do better.

Our subject experts have built quizzes in subjects and topics that lend themselves to quiz-style questions.

Quizzes are available in the following Matric subjects:

  1. History

  2. Geography

  3. Life Sciences

  4. Business Studies

  5. Physical Sciences

  6. Economics

  7. Mathematics Literacy

We are always trying to improve and make sure our content is as good as it can be. Therefore, we welcome any constructive criticism and encourage all our users to report any content that should be removed or could be improved.

You can either click the flag icon on any of our flaggable content and report that way, or else get in touch (hello@studyclix.co.za) and let us know the issue.

We aim to respond to reports within 24 hours.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide refunds in this scenario.

Sorry to hear that! We would love to know why.

Get in touch with us at hello@studyclix.co.za letting us know why you are unhappy with your upgrade, and we will assess your account activity/purchase history and see if you are eligible for a refund.

Technical Issues

There are a few reasons why a code won't work:

a) the code is already activated. If this is the case, please check with the person who issued you a code and make sure the code they gave you is correct. If issues persist, please contact us with the code in question.

b) the code will only activate on a certain account type. For example, a teacher code will not work if you are on a student account, or your school code will not work if you are registered under the wrong school. Please check your account settings and check that everything is correct. If you're still having trouble, contact us with the code in question.

Please try a few of the following troubleshooting options. If they don't work, contact us with your account details and we'll try to solve the problem asap!

- Change browser. Our site works best on Google Chrome so we recommend using that.

- Clear your cache and cookies. Sometimes the issue will disappear once you clear these. 

- Check that you are using the right account. Some people have more than one account without realizing and one of the accounts is not fully set up and is more prone to errors/issues. 

If that does not fix it, please contact us (hello@studyclix.co.za) immediately as it could be a site-wide issue that we would like to resolve to straight away.

Please check that your email and password are correct. You can use the show-password functionality on our login screen to ensure you are entering the correct password. Please also check that you are using the correct email address and have not used another one by accident.

If that does not solve it, try resetting your password from the login page.

If you're still having trouble, contact us at hello@studyclix.co.za.

Partnering with Studyclix

Sounds great! Our Sponsor-a-School program helps organizations such as companies, third level institutions, financial institutions, etc. to support schools in their area or indeed nationwide to enhance their learning.

Contact schools@studyclix.co.za for more info, or find out more on our Sponsor-a-School page.

We try to keep our website as ad/sponsor-free as possible, but you can contact us on hello@studyclix.co.za if you have a proposal on how we can work together.

We occasionally work with expert teachers to improve our content offering in their subjects. If you think you can provide us with content we are missing, please contact us at hello@studyclix.co.za with your subjects and CV.

Check out this page for any job openings for students.

Contact Us

You can get in touch with us via the chat icon (bottom right-hand of the screen when logged in and our customer support team will aim to respond within a couple of hours.

Alternatively, you can email us at hello@studyclix.co.za.